Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting darker

It's getting darker so that mean mom goes crazy more, Westley goes all buggy eyed and Nolan gets to work "bluesteel" for the camera. Also, we didn't mention that we got to have Nana last month while Chris and Darcy went to NY for the U2 concert.

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Debbie said...

HAHA! CUTE pics Chris! Two posts!!!!!! I feel SO SO SO lucky to see pictures! I love each one! I'm so glad you got the stroller honestly, haha! It looks awesome! Oh I miss holding them! Give them hugs enough to last until Christmas!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Holly said...

I love those pics!!!!!! The boys are so funny!! I love that Nolan brings his little friends everywhere with makes me feel better about the baby doll Mia dropped in the toilet this morning...Ü

Thanks for putting up pics of your cute family! We miss you guys a lot and we are missing the beautiful East Coast. Oh, and Chris, your hair is lookin good! Very GQ I must say Ü.

Stephanie said...

Loved the pictures! Wish I could see you all in person. GG

Debbie said...

I would like another post pretty please :-)

Bonnie and Kirk said...

Guys...update your freaking blog!!!