Sunday, June 21, 2009

Of course, Dad

Those of you who know my father know that he is actually a pilot that just doctors as a hobby. Years ago he and I took a trip to Alaska and flew to the base camp of Mt. McKinley where the world seems to be made on such a grander scale. My father has always been able to show me a view of life and the world on such a scale, not just on plane rides that test my gastric resolve but in the small and mundane moments of life. I haven't made many decisions in my life without either talking to him or imagining what he would say. I could have no greater ambition than to become the kind of man my father is. Your children and grandchildren love you dad-


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Debbie said...

That's really sweet Chris! I'll make sure Dad sees it :-)
Thanks for the great Skype session on Father's Day. Your kids are SO SO SO CUTE!!! and FUNNY! We love you all! Mom and girls.

HDVB said...

What a sweet tribute :) I definitely agree

Holly said...

Your Dad rocks. Plain and simple. I'm glad you guys posted, I was missin ya!