Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nolan baby blessing

Quite a group gathered for little Nolan, his baby blessing in our home on October 21st 2008. We love you Nolan!
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Acadia 2008

Yet another unforgettable trip to Acadia ME.  This is far and away our favorite place on the east coast.  Heaven must be just like it.  Every fall we travel on the third weekend in October and miss the crowds (that is a patented secret so don't tell anyone!) but hit the colors in full swing.  Hundreds of hikes,  fresh blueberry pancakes,  ME pizza and good company make this trip one we will be doing for a lifetime.  Mom Dad and the twinies came this year and it made it that much better!

Fall train Ride

Westley had all his fantasies come true when we took him down for a train ride in Connecticut,  the same one they used for the new Indiana Jones movie by the way.  His only gripe was not getting him there fast enough.  Nolan continues to amaze us with his sleeping abilities,  who knew a 100 year old train with whistles, steam engine and sqeaky everything was so soporific.  

A fall day in Salem MA

Every October we never miss the opportunity to see the fall foliage and the wacky regulars at the salem MA halloween gathering.  A definite don't miss is the mad popper kettle corn.  This year we hit the festivities with M, S and K and our good friends the P's.  A great time for all

Halloween 2008

We have discovered that westley sincerely does not like the incredible hulk. Nolan couldn't care less
Time to brush teeth