Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week of muggy celebration

Hey all, another week gone by, and Nolie is 1 wk old.  He is already reading books to Westley at bedtime.  We were wondering what was taking so long.  

West,  our little happy shining star, had his 3rd year birthday.  He's not quite sure what the hats are for since we just laughed at him non stop,  for his enjoyment or ours?  oh well, Nolan liked his.  Happy Birthday West!, we love you.
The top ten things we will remember about West's first 3.  
10.  fear of mud on the hands
9.  Has successfully stayed alive on only chicken nuggets and Juice for three years
8. His indoctrination and brainwashing into redsox nation
7.  The "bum bum" dance
6.  The rifle incident (ask me sometime)
5.  First prayer
4.  Seriously sportsman, a drop kick that gives me ideas about being the next Vinateri
3. Fear of shadows
2. The chicken halloween
1. His pure love and dedication to his parents
We love you west!

Rasberry picking in New England, our favorite thing to do, They pick while I scare away the birds.
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