Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nolan and Sunday Walk

Hey all, we'll make this a weekly thing until Darcy takes over. The big guy Nolan is home now and Darcy is bustling around already. West's new thing this last week is his fear of shadows. It bothers him greatly that he always seems to make one when in the light. If only we didn't do that!
Here is West doing his Chevy Chase grin with thumbs up

There was a gigantic storm that rolled through yesterday, tropical storm Hannah, and man Hannah was treacherous. Wet, mad, screaming, temperamental, and left without a goodbye, nothing like my sister Hannah except for the screaming part. Oh yes, IKEA was also on the schedule yesterday and I don't really care for IKEA. They make up so many silly names for everything, you can't possibly convince me a dresser is a malm in swedish (I hope I'm not wrong). Well, this has been great, let's do it again next week, perhaps...