Thursday, September 4, 2008

Darcy and the new little bug

new feet
Proud big brother
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Westley defeating the purpose of the splash park

Hey all, West loves the splash park near our house, he gets a great amount of exercise running laps around all the action, I'm going to take him there when it rains to thwart his plans

there's no better time to start than the present

Hey all,
this is chris here blogging and we've picked the addition of a child to our fam as our catalyst to start doing this!

Darcy will be much better than I at this but here goes.

Everything that has ever happened to us at this point is water under the bridge, our policy is don't ask don't tell.

As for today, we find ourselves with another little mouth to feed and we couldn't be happier. His name is Nolan Michael Beus. He's a happy baby boy and instead of just giving you his weight I'll give all those math buffs out there a challenge, the first one with the right answer get's my complete respect.

If Nolan is placed into a full basin of water on the surface of the moon and 271mL of water spills out the side, what is his weight on planet earth (in lbs and ounces please)

We will bring you all more news as it comes on our lives, West couldn't be happier with a little brother and gives him the thumbs up.

Signing out from New England,