Sunday, November 9, 2008

One of my favorite pics revisited, and hey are those brothers?


This is just another of my favorite pictures revisited, west cutting onions, j/k...

Hey are these guys related? West has got Nolan by a few months but it seems pretty obvious to me...
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two pairs of fish

Hello again,
Yesterday Westley got his first pets after giving me a very good argument for why he should get a puppy. We canned the puppy idea and went with the goldfish. All things were going well until west decided to feed "goldy and sandy" (as named by west) and emptied a massive amount of smelly flakes into the tank. Before I could do anything about it the feast was underway and we had to get to church. When we got home I told West to go check on goldy and sandy sure that we would have to have a lesson about the mortality of fish etc.... amazingly the fish survived and west makes sure to apologize to the two flippers everytime he sees them for feeding them "lotta food".

The worm diaries

Hello all,
Westley and I had a very interesting morning this week where he both met and said goodbye to a worm that sincerely loved. I add these clips for your viewing pleasure, they are rather long so if you want to cut to the chase go to Part III at roughly 3 minutes westley starts the action and at roughly 4:05 he realizes what he has done.

Part I - West introduces "picture" the worm and grows very melancholy

Part II - more thoughts on worms and why the hulk is scary

Part III - we learn about the wonder of worm multiplication and other random things

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nolan baby blessing

Quite a group gathered for little Nolan, his baby blessing in our home on October 21st 2008. We love you Nolan!
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Acadia 2008

Yet another unforgettable trip to Acadia ME.  This is far and away our favorite place on the east coast.  Heaven must be just like it.  Every fall we travel on the third weekend in October and miss the crowds (that is a patented secret so don't tell anyone!) but hit the colors in full swing.  Hundreds of hikes,  fresh blueberry pancakes,  ME pizza and good company make this trip one we will be doing for a lifetime.  Mom Dad and the twinies came this year and it made it that much better!

Fall train Ride

Westley had all his fantasies come true when we took him down for a train ride in Connecticut,  the same one they used for the new Indiana Jones movie by the way.  His only gripe was not getting him there fast enough.  Nolan continues to amaze us with his sleeping abilities,  who knew a 100 year old train with whistles, steam engine and sqeaky everything was so soporific.  

A fall day in Salem MA

Every October we never miss the opportunity to see the fall foliage and the wacky regulars at the salem MA halloween gathering.  A definite don't miss is the mad popper kettle corn.  This year we hit the festivities with M, S and K and our good friends the P's.  A great time for all

Halloween 2008

We have discovered that westley sincerely does not like the incredible hulk. Nolan couldn't care less
Time to brush teeth

Sunday, September 14, 2008

A week of muggy celebration

Hey all, another week gone by, and Nolie is 1 wk old.  He is already reading books to Westley at bedtime.  We were wondering what was taking so long.  

West,  our little happy shining star, had his 3rd year birthday.  He's not quite sure what the hats are for since we just laughed at him non stop,  for his enjoyment or ours?  oh well, Nolan liked his.  Happy Birthday West!, we love you.
The top ten things we will remember about West's first 3.  
10.  fear of mud on the hands
9.  Has successfully stayed alive on only chicken nuggets and Juice for three years
8. His indoctrination and brainwashing into redsox nation
7.  The "bum bum" dance
6.  The rifle incident (ask me sometime)
5.  First prayer
4.  Seriously sportsman, a drop kick that gives me ideas about being the next Vinateri
3. Fear of shadows
2. The chicken halloween
1. His pure love and dedication to his parents
We love you west!

Rasberry picking in New England, our favorite thing to do, They pick while I scare away the birds.
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Nolan and Sunday Walk

Hey all, we'll make this a weekly thing until Darcy takes over. The big guy Nolan is home now and Darcy is bustling around already. West's new thing this last week is his fear of shadows. It bothers him greatly that he always seems to make one when in the light. If only we didn't do that!
Here is West doing his Chevy Chase grin with thumbs up

There was a gigantic storm that rolled through yesterday, tropical storm Hannah, and man Hannah was treacherous. Wet, mad, screaming, temperamental, and left without a goodbye, nothing like my sister Hannah except for the screaming part. Oh yes, IKEA was also on the schedule yesterday and I don't really care for IKEA. They make up so many silly names for everything, you can't possibly convince me a dresser is a malm in swedish (I hope I'm not wrong). Well, this has been great, let's do it again next week, perhaps...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Darcy and the new little bug

new feet
Proud big brother
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Westley defeating the purpose of the splash park

Hey all, West loves the splash park near our house, he gets a great amount of exercise running laps around all the action, I'm going to take him there when it rains to thwart his plans

there's no better time to start than the present

Hey all,
this is chris here blogging and we've picked the addition of a child to our fam as our catalyst to start doing this!

Darcy will be much better than I at this but here goes.

Everything that has ever happened to us at this point is water under the bridge, our policy is don't ask don't tell.

As for today, we find ourselves with another little mouth to feed and we couldn't be happier. His name is Nolan Michael Beus. He's a happy baby boy and instead of just giving you his weight I'll give all those math buffs out there a challenge, the first one with the right answer get's my complete respect.

If Nolan is placed into a full basin of water on the surface of the moon and 271mL of water spills out the side, what is his weight on planet earth (in lbs and ounces please)

We will bring you all more news as it comes on our lives, West couldn't be happier with a little brother and gives him the thumbs up.

Signing out from New England,