Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting darker

It's getting darker so that mean mom goes crazy more, Westley goes all buggy eyed and Nolan gets to work "bluesteel" for the camera. Also, we didn't mention that we got to have Nana last month while Chris and Darcy went to NY for the U2 concert.

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REI garage sale baby!

Several times a year REI has an epic garage sale where all the returned items brought back to the store up till then are offered to REI members at ridiculous prices. That and the items usually have little to nothing wrong with them thanks to the REI return policy. This year I braved the cold and stood in line for 2hours to snatch this bob stroller. Actually funny story, I had to wrench the thing away from a line cutter who thought that it would be easier to just hop the fence and take whatever despite the threat of my frozen fist. Not one of my better moments but gosh darn it, there has to be some justice in this world. The stroller came home with us for only $60 and the reason it was returned... a "stain" on the fabric. Can't find it yet, the boys seem to like it.

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vermont Camping

Fun at the familiar camp joseph in sharon vt, where motab plays at all hours of the night, the view is spectacular and your kids can see you make a huge fire/turn into a pyro..etc....

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Loving Fall in New England

New England fall never lets us down. gorgeous colors, apple picking, halloween fun, and we wish it would never end

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Mystic Connecticut, but no pizza

Recently made it down to Mystic connecticut with Grandma and Grandpa, saw the oldest American shipping vessel, the "Charles Morgan" and walked the streets that have been the backdrop to many hollywood movies

What gives?

Lately we seem to find Nolan trying to have his inanimate objects join in his daily activities, bath, toilet, climbing into the dishwasher. You have to be on the lookout-



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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Of course, Dad

Those of you who know my father know that he is actually a pilot that just doctors as a hobby. Years ago he and I took a trip to Alaska and flew to the base camp of Mt. McKinley where the world seems to be made on such a grander scale. My father has always been able to show me a view of life and the world on such a scale, not just on plane rides that test my gastric resolve but in the small and mundane moments of life. I haven't made many decisions in my life without either talking to him or imagining what he would say. I could have no greater ambition than to become the kind of man my father is. Your children and grandchildren love you dad-


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